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What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. Okay, that probably doesn’t tell you much. I know when I first heard the term I was lost. I still have a hard time trying to explain them. There are a lot of articles online. Here’s one from Algorand, the blockchain I use

Quoting from this site is a pretty clear way to define NFTs.

“NFTs: a unique digital asset with on-chain representation of ownership and identification of its authenticity that include assets where the value is embedded in the data of the NFT, external to the NFT (in-game items), or with an off-chain asset (real estate or IP rights).”

What is a Blockchain?

In its simplest of definitions, blockchains are systems that record digital information. They are decentralized, distributed ledgers to record cryptocurrency transactions.

What is Algorand?

Algorand or often referred to as Algo was developed with the environment in mind. Algorand has pledged to be carbon-negative as the greenest blockchain.

Unlike some of the other blockchains that use a tremendous amount of energy “mining” their coin, Algorand runs on a version of proof-of-stake.

Check out their website where they do a much better job at explaining this.

Why buy NFTs?

The NFT space is constantly evolving. It will one day be able to handle so much more than art. Some think of owning NFTs the same way they think about having a certificate of authenticity of an artist’s print. It has allowed many artists to put their work out where collectors can find it. Many artists struggle to be seen by galleries and unfortunately their work remains unknown. NFTs allow artists another way to share and sell their work. It lowers the barriers for those who want to collect art but feel they can’t afford to.

Where can you purchase my NFTs?

I mint on Rand Gallery and you can find my available work at https://www.randgallery.com/collection/maureen-denny/

In addition, you can view my past work on NFTExplorer.app https://www.nftexplorer.app/collection/altered-pixels

Usage Rights

Usage rights for the NFT include all personal use, including reproduction of the image in other formats, and exhibition of the image in public settings. No commercial rights are included with this NFT and the owner may not directly profit from the associated intellectual property, however, they are welcome to collect, resell, or trade the NFT and directly profit in doing so.

Physically Backed Prints

For NFTs which include the option of a signed, physical print, please email me, contact me through DM on Twitter or Discord, or send a 0-Algo transaction with a note to the creator address. The shipping is included. Please provide a name and an address to send the print. This offer is good until October 2023. Once an owner requests the physical print, the NFT ARC69 will be updated to reflect the print has been redeemed.

Can I buy physical prints?


If there is an image that you would like to purchase a print please contact me and let’s talk.