Creating extraordinary worlds from ordinary things.

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Created from the images of “The Parade” series.

Boynes Emerging Artist Award 2nd Edition Finalist

“The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.”

– Rene Magritte


The Parade

A small series of composite photography and imagery.

The series consists of 9 images, each continuing the scene from the one before it.

Adventures In AI

After seeing a lot of discussions and some apprehension about AI (artificial intelligence) and its place in the art world. It has caused anxiety with some artists feeling it will take their place artificially. I was going down that path but decided to learn more about it. I wanted to see how I could use it to enhance my work and not replace it.

Old Cars

In this work, I incorporate photos of old cars that I have come across in my daily life. Some are iconic vehicles, and others are barely being held together with rust. I give them new life and get them back on the road.

Under the Sea

The images in this gallery, “Under the Sea”, are influenced by my daily walks along the beach. The ocean is calming and yet what is unseen can be intimidating.

Altered Pixels

A collection of  conceptual, composite images of self-portraits exploring my imagination. When faced with a blank canvas and simple prompt, how does creativity orchestrate the details of an entire world?

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