About me…

I found photography later in life. It started with a couple of 2-night courses at a local studio where I learned to use my camera without the auto settings. I then took a Fine Art photography course using a vintage 4×5 large format camera and spent time in the darkroom. This course cemented my love for photography.

As a “geek” in my previous life, I started altering pixels by compositing images and found my passion. I have attended workshops, both in-person and virtual to gain knowledge. The lessons I learn during these workshops are translated into my own work, in my own style. I watch hours of video tutorials, follow artists, and engage in communities that share the love of the art form. I am continually learning and honing my technical and storytelling skills. More importantly, I am growing as an artist with each new opportunity and experience.

My work is conceptual, composite images, some are self-portraits that delve into imagination. When faced with a blank canvas and simple prompt, how does creativity orchestrate the details of an entire world? Using images of places and things that catch my eye, I take ordinary items to create extraordinary worlds. To keep things fresh I am always looking to try new processes. 

I use symbolism and surrealism along with quotes to convey my message. Inspiration also comes from surrealist painters such as Rene Magritte. Words have never come easily to me and photography helps express visually what I struggle with verbally.

Behind the Scenes, Sony Alpha Universe - April 2020

Sony’s AlphaUniverse.com has put together a “behind the scenes” article featuring one of my images.

The article details my process for capturing and creating the shot.