Maureen creates extraordinary worlds from ordinary things. She pairs images of everyday items with those taken on her daily walks and imagines what they could be together.

Currently residing in a small coastal town in southwestern Washington State, Maureen has lived in numerous places in the Pacific Northwest. Although she was born and raised in North Dakota, she has always been drawn to the ocean.

Mainly self-taught, Maureen found her love for photography later in life after her retirement from her web design business. She took a few night courses and learned the basics of photography, followed by an intensive course with a vintage 4×5 large format camera, time in a dark room, and she was hooked. Years spent in technical fields helped her embrace Photoshop to alter pixels by compositing images. To keep things fresh Maureen is constantly looking for new processes to use in her art.

Her works are composite images, some self-portraits, delving into her imagination. Faced with a blank canvas and simple prompt, she how her creativity can orchestrate the details of an extraordinary world. Maureen’s work offers different perspectives, along with support and encouragement to others. She uses symbolism, surrealism, and quotes to convey her message.

Behind the Scenes, Sony Alpha Universe - April 2020

Sony’s AlphaUniverse.com has put together a “behind the scenes” article featuring one of my images.

The article details my process for capturing and creating the shot.